Michigan Legion post honors youth for 'extreme level of patriotism and integrity'

Michigan Legion post honors youth for 'extreme level of patriotism and integrity'

Earlier this month, 13-year-old Trey Myers, a student at Harper Creek Middle School in Michigan, was playing basketball alone while his siblings were practicing at the nearby Harper Creek Community Schools Athletic Facility. While shooting baskets, Myers heard the national anthem being played at a nearby soccer field.

With no one else around him, Myers stopped what he was doing, faced the direction of the music and put his hand over his heart until the anthem ended, then resumed playing.

An adult happened to be nearby and grabbed a photo of Myers at attention. The photo went viral, showing up on social media and becoming the subject of media reports.

Myers’ act also garnered the attention of SSG Michael A. Dickinson, II Post 257 in Battle Creek, Mich., as well as local military personnel, who came together to honor Myers on Oct. 11 before Harper Creek High School’s homecoming football game. Post 257 Commander Brian A. Mohlman joined with American Legion Department of Michigan Commander Barry Wood and leadership from the 110th Wing, the Marine Corps Reserve Center, the Navy Operational Support Center, the Fort Custer Training Center and the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety to recognize Myers on the football field before the game.

Mohlman said the post wanted to be a part of honoring Myers for “his extreme level of patriotism and integrity.” At the ceremony, Mohlman called Myers’ act “a testimony to a level of national pride, patriotism and integrity that is far above his young age – doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking. These traits are in no small part a direct result of the quality of parenting he has received, the nurturing and direction of educators, and the encouragement of coaching staff.

“Walking the same halls as Staff Sgt. Michael Dickinson did a short few years ago, it is clear that Staff Sgt. Dickinson’s values and love for country, continue to be a product of this community, of your schools.”

Mohlman appreciated the opportunity to honor Myers. “As military members, both past and present, we all know the humbling and honorable feeling that a warm, outstretched hand, followed by the words ‘thank you for your service’ brings to us. Those hands and words of support touch us deeply,” he said during the ceremony. “It is rare that a military member or veteran is presented with an opportunity to turn the tables around, offering their own hand back to their community, thanking you for your support. Thanks to the integrity and patriotism that Trey Myers displayed to us all, this is that opportunity.”

During the ceremony, Myers was presented with a coin from Marine Corps Reserve Commander Maj. Austin Hill. Following the ceremony, Post 257’s honor guard posted the colors during the national anthem.

Click here for a video of the ceremony honoring Myers.