VA creates Military Health History pocket card

The Department of Veterans Affairs has created a Military Health History pocket card with a comprehensive list of questions to help clinicians understand the medical problems and concerns of veterans; answers to the questions may also help to provide timely referral to specialized medical treatment.

The pocket card includes questions about veterans compensation and benefits, sexual harassment, assault and trauma; blood-borne viruses (hepatitis & HIV), and details about a veteran’s living situation.

Lists of exposure concerns, broken down by war era, are included on the card, such as burn pits, Agent Orange, chemical warfare experiments, nuclear weapons testing, nerve agents and contaminated water.

Other recommended questions cover stress reactions and adjustment problems: nightmares, avoidance of certain situations or feelings of detachment from others.

The pocket card was orginally developed in early 2014 and updated last March.

Click here to learn more about the pocket card and download it to your mobile device: