Sons membership grows again in 2019

Sons membership grows again in 2019

Membership in the Sons of The American Legion grew 1.2 percent in 2019, the largest growth in the organization since 2016.

Sons membership as of Dec. 31 was 375,540, an increase of 4,520 members from 2018. Membership in 2016 grew 1.6 percent, increasing to 367,948 members.

Some of last year’s growth in membership could likely be attributed to passage of the LEGION Act, which President Trump signed into law on July 30. The legislation, which declared that the United States has been at war since Dec. 7, 1941, opened Legion programs and benefits to millions of veterans who previously weren’t eligible because their service fell during undeclared periods of war.

The legislation also extended membership eligibility for the Sons.

At September’s National Children & Youth Conference, SAL Children & Youth Chairman William Clancy said one of the Sons’ goals for 2019-20 is to reach an all-time high in membership: 400,000 members.

Sons membership reports can be found here.