The American Legion ceased involvement with the National American Legion Press Association (NALPA) after financial and trademark concerns were discovered last summer. Following that decision, a task force of members from the Media and Communications Commission were asked by national leadership to create a successor to NALPA that would focus on the priorities for those producing media at the post, district and/or department level.

The result is The American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA).

Members receive exclusive benefits including:

  • A press credential with lanyard.
  • Free entry into the annual contest.
  • Resources for promoting Legion programs, post activities and more.
  • Training by subject matter experts.
  • Subscription to a regular e-newsletter.

TALMA is now accepting new members.

Those who sign up now will receive six months free – and the opportunity to enter the contests for both this year and next year. A $15 membership fee will ensure your membership through Aug. 31, 2021. To join TALMA, please go to

The first TALMA awards contest is open to all TALMA members. Submissions will be accepted that have a valid postmarked date of April 15 or earlier. (In future years, the contest will be moved to a digital entry system. There was not time to put that in place this year in order to have a contest this year.)

For more information about the annual contest categories, please visit

To enter the contest, please mail your entries to:

The American Legion
Attn: Media and Communications Division
700  N. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

At Spring Meetings in May, the Media and Communications Commission will be judging the contest. Winners will be notified by June 1 and receive a free ticket to the annual banquet at National Convention as well as a special plaque.