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Brach, Brad

An All-Star pitcher from Freehold, NJ.

Bradley Jr, Jackie

Played Legion Baseball with Post 146 in Hopewell, VA

Bream, Sid

Named 1991 American Legion Graduate of the Year.

Brett, George

Named 1980 American Legion Graduate of the Year, Brett has the most career hits of any third baseman in Major League History. He is one of four retired members of the 3,000/300/.300 club. He was a first-ballot Hall of Fame induction in 1999.

Browning, Tom

Tom Browning played for Clonan Post 1000 in Chadwick, NY. Played MLB '84-'95 with Cin and KC

Bryant, Kris

A highly regarded college player, Kris Bryant, winner of the Dick Howser Trophy, Golden Spikes Award and 2016 National League MVP, joined the Cubs in 2015 and made an instant impact. The 2015 NL Rookie of the Year earned at trip to the All-Star game, as well, and helped the Cubs win the 2016 World Series. Bryant played Legion Baseball in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bumgarner, Madison

Bumgarner played Legion Baseball for Caldwell County Post 29 in North Carolina

Bunning, Jim

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996, Bunning had nine All-Star appearances and racked up 224 career wins. The 2009 American Legion Good Guy Award recipient also made a name for himself after his baseball career by serving as a representative and senator from Kentucky.

Campanella, Roy

A 1969 Hall of Famer, Campanella played American Legion Baseball in Philadelphia before dropping out of high school on his 16th birthday to play professional baseball. The catcher starred for the Brooklyn Dodgers, won a World Series and earned three MVP awards. Known for his record-setting bat and throwing arm, he was named to eight straight All-Star teams.

Carlton, Steve

Named 1971 American Legion Graduate of the Year, Carlton was a four-time Cy Young recipient and two-time World Series winner. In 1972 he earned the pitching Triple Crown, marking one of his four NL wins titles and one of his five NL strikeout leads. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1994 on the first ballot. He played Legion Baseball in Miami.