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Jackson, Reggie

"Mr. October" made a name for himself with his exploits leading to five World Series titles and two World Series MVPs, but the outfielder also dominated the regular season with 14 All-Star appearances and a 1973 AL MVP award. He played Legion Baseball in Pennsylvania

John, Tommy

Played American Legion baseball in Terre Haute, Indiana, for Post 346.

"I probably got my best experience in high school playing American Legion ball for Bill Welch," John said. "He was an excellent baseball coach -- actually he could coach any sport. We played 45 to 50 games each summer and we'd go all over the Midwest for weekend tournament. We'd play in town during the week and practice when we didn't have a game."

Jones, Chipper

Selected as the top draft pick for Atlanta Braves in 1990, Jones received The American Legion Graduate of the Year award in 2000. The eight-time All-Star was named the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1999. The long-time Brave led Atlanta to the World Series championship in 1995. Jones played American Legion Baseball for Post 6 in DeLand, Florida, from 1986 to 1989.

Jones, Randy

Randy Jones, who played American Legion Baseball in Fullerton, Calif., went 22-14 with a 2.74 ERA in 1976 winning the National League Cy Young Award. He is a member of the Padres Hall of Fame